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Nursing in Iceland//

Nursing in Iceland

Nursing and the registration of nurses are regulated by the act on nursing. The Health Service Act also entails regulations regarding nursing. Nurses are by law responsible for all professional nursing provided at health care institutions.

The by far largest majority of Icelandic registered nurses work in the public sector, or about 82% of all active nurses. The largest employer in this respect is Landspítali-University Hospital, where about 50% of the registered nurses are working. Other health institutions, the healthcare centers and the municipalities fall under the term public sector. About 18% of active nurses work at privately owned institutions and on the general labor market.

Nursing studies in Iceland
Nursing studies are currently being offered by two Icelandic universities, the University of Iceland and the University of Akureyri. Both schools offer four year BS´c degree and MS´c programs. The University of Iceland also offers a three year PhD program. 

The Icelandic Health care system
In Iceland, health and social security fall under auspices of one ministry.  This makes the ministry extremely complex and fund-intensive. Approximately 38% of Iceland's public expenditures each year go to health and social security.  Social security accounts for about 35% of the budget of the Ministry, while health affairs account for 65%.  This currently represents approximately 7.5% of Domestic Product. According to the Institute for Economic Research of the University of Iceland, health spending is projected to increase to 9% of Domestic Product in the next 50 years. 

In Iceland, the backbone of the healthcare system is public funding and public delivery.  Still, there are a number of private not-for-profit institutions, especially nursing homes.  The funding is public but the delivery is private not-for-profit.  There are also some small private healthcare facilities that are private for-profit.

In Iceland there are aproximetly 600 registered nurses per 100.000 inhabitants.

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