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The Future of Nursing

Thursday, October 22, from 2:00 – 3:00 PM Eastern Time

Donna Shalala, PhD, former US Secretary of Health and Human Services, President, University of Miami
Sue Hassmiller, PhD, RN, FAAN, Director of the RWJF Initiative on the Future of Nursing, Institute of Medicine
Pat Rutherford, RN, MS, Vice President, Institute for Healthcare Improvement


While Congress has been painstakingly putting together the pieces of health care reform legislation, a prominent committee of the Institute of Medicine has been holding hearings around the country on changes in store for the nursing profession. The two developments couldn’t be more related: any efforts to hold down health care costs in the US while also improving access and the quality of care depend fundamentally on a nursing workforce that’s fully prepared for and engaged with these challenges.

What does this mean for nursing practice at the “sharp end” of care? Come find out on the next WIHI, when Donna Shalala and Sue Hassmiller will describe areas the IOM committee is targeting for change and transformation in the nursing profession. WIHI host Madge Kaplan also welcomes IHI’s Pat Rutherford, who’s been championing changes for nurses at the bedside by focusing on freeing up their time and skills to deliver the care patients need most of all. At this critical turning point for nurses, you don’t want to miss out on this next WIHI. To enroll please click here.

About WIHI
WIHI is an exciting new "talk show" program from IHI, connecting you to the cutting edge of health care improvement. It’s free, it’s timely, and it’s designed to help dedicated legions of health care improvers worldwide keep up with some of the freshest and most robust thinking and strategies for improving patient care. A 60-minute program is offered live every other week, or you can listen to recordings of the broadcast later at your convenience. WIHI is your opportunity to meet up with colleagues who want to improve patient care and shape a true health reform agenda.

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