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2nd Nordic conference on “Advanced Home Care for Children”

25. apríl 2018

Stockholm, April 25-26th, 2018

We are pleased to inform you about the upcoming second Nordic Advanced Home Care Conference for children which will be held at Ersta Konferens & Hotel in Stockholm. The first and much appreciated conference was held in Oslo during the fall of 2016. SABH (Hospital Managed Advanced Home Care for Children) at Karolinska University Hospital is now proud to arrange the event in Sweden next year.

Our international network for health professionals plays an important role in the exchange of experiences, strengthening of our competencies and the development of the advanced home health care.

The conference welcomes all health care workers within the field of advanced home care for children and adults as well as all pediatric clinics in the Nordic region. We especially look forward to meet colleagues from Finland and Iceland, since they did not have the opportunity to attend last year. Accordingly, all the lectures will be held in English this year.

We will greatfully receive any suggestions on topics or lecturers. Please send your recommendations to: sabh.karolinska@sll.se

The conference is set in connection with the “Symposium on Palliative Care in Pediatric Oncology”, held at Ersta Konferens on April 27-28th, 2018. This is to enable a prolonged conference weekend for those interested in both events. 

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