The Icelandic Nurses' Association

The Icelandic Nurses' Association (Félag íslenskra hjúkrunarfræðinga) has approximately 4500 members of which 3600 are active. Membership is open to nurses with full nursing qualification and registered by the Icelandic Ministry of Health.

To become a member the form needs to be filled out and posted along with the registration from the Ministry of Health to the Icelandic Nurses' Association.

The Association is a professional and trade organization. Its purpose is to engage in the advancement of nursing and the professional development, terms of employment and working conditions of nurses by:

  • Promoting the development of nursing and the knowledge and competence of nurses.
  • Safeguarding the interests of nurses and defending their autonomy, rights, obligations, terms of employment and working conditions.
  • Upholding the Association’s code of ethics.
  •  Participating in the formulation of health service policies with a special emphasis on social responsibility and public interest.

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